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Hello, my name is Erika Monroy, specialized in individual and family coaching, internationally accredited by “The International Coaching Federation” ICF as a Professional Certified Coach, PCC. One fateful day I discovered my mission in life: to accompany people in facing their processes of change and help them create the lives they want.

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As life goes on, you face many difficulties, fears and setbacks. Sometimes we can’t face it alone, because it is too easy to get caught up in the same perspectives and strategies that are not satisfying to us and are not producing the results we want in our lives. When the choices and decisions we make become ineffective, life becomes a struggle and we realize that we are not reaching our full potential. Coaching can be a great tool to progress and continue to develop ourselves. Do not wait any longer, the time has come to take the reins of your life from the hand of a professional who will listen to you and help you take those firm steps on your path.



Do you want to develop self-motivation? Do you feel anxiety and do not know what to do? Do you want to speak with confidence in front of an audience? Are you worried about your future?

Find out and register now to receive online or in-person sessions in small groups.

Change your life.
Shine with Inner Light.

All change begins through freely wanting to improve some aspect of your life.

There are many questions, and the most important is how do I do it? Well, it is not easy, but with my sessions and guidelines, you will be able to find the path or the beginning of the change in your life so that you shine with your own light.

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Do you have the impression of having a latent potential but you can not develop it? + info

These and many other difficulties are very common in our society, in our way of life. People encounter many daily obstacles to overcome, facing and overcoming them is a challenge and therefore, I offer the opportunity to discover the leader that lives inside all of us. Life is a journey with infinite potential and each new step allows us to create a new beginning. To see those possibilities we have to abandon automatic actions and reactions.

Are you open to change?

Erika Monroy innovates so you can rewrite your life and use your creativity to fly, using body painting as an experience, using skin as a medium to express the torrent of feelings that arise in each of our beings.

“In my deepest world there is a butterfly that left its cocoon and is ready to fly”

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