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Coaching for teenagers

Coaching for teenagers. There are many questions that present themselves to us in one of the hardest and unknown stages of our lives. Through my experience I have been able to help many families and teenagers to channel a full life, working with goals at short, medium, and long terms. As we continue, perhaps you will identify with these questions. If you don’t, and you wish to formulate your own, I invite you to contact me, remember that we are here to help each other.

  • Do you want to better organize your time to succeed in your goals?
  • Do you want to be less stressed out by your obligations at school and with your family?
  • You don’t know what to study and need a guide?
  • Do you want to change your attitude in moments of conflict?
  • Do you need more time to sleep?

When considering which information to I wanted to communicate in this section, I first thought about writing to the parents, explaining the benefits they would see in their children as they started Personal Coaching with me. This was my first thought because I am the mother of two teenagers and I understand, not only professionally, how complicated it is to spend time with your kids when they are at this stage. However, I decided to write to your child, or you who wants to create a “change” in your journey through this life.


Coaching for Teenagers

When I work with teenagers in Personal Coaching, it is like entering a mysterious world, full of adventures and endless possibilities to explore. In reality, “the journey” is fascinating. For me, working with people of your age is to learn new ways to communicate and solve conflicts daily, because what you are living is in reality very complicated.

  • Antes de iniciar nuestras sesiones de Coaching te enviaré el Before beginning our Coaching sessions I will send you the “Coaching Agreement” which you must carefully read and bring, signed, to your first session. Once you are sure that you understand all the details, we will agree on a day, time and method of seeing each other, either in person or online.

I want to explain what Coaching is based on, there are basically 5 key concepts which I want to present to you:


  1. Coaching is not psychological therapy, you are not my patient, nor are you sick, I am not a doctor, I am a psychologist, an educator, but also an internationally certified professional coach. We will be doing Coaching, therefore you will be my client, you are a person who is okay and who wants to be better, creating new tools to succeed in this.


  1. You are the only who decides the path we take, based on your general Coaching goal and I will accompany you in your process. To better explain it, I use the following analogy: it’s like we are in a car together, you drive and I hold the map. You decide which route we take and I give you the tools to make it happen through different materials, from audios to videos to readings, dynamics, etc. If you divert from your objective, I will remind you of the path you had chosen, if it is necessary and you wish to, we can redraft your goal.


  1. Your Coaching agreement is for 12 sessions, at approximately the 10th session, we will assess whether or not we have  accomplished your general goal. If you feel that you have reached your objective before the 12 sessions are up, we can finish our agreement. Sometimes, after a period of time you can become aware of other areas that you want to improve, so we can discuss and create a new Coaching goal.


  1. You are in charge of your progress in each session you attend, except for the first or second sessions in which we will define your goal. You decide what you want to take from your session, that goal for the session must be tied to your general goal. In each session we will work together to create action plans that you can put into action.


  1. Everything we talk about will be confidential, unless you tell me you are planning to do something crazy (commiting suicide or something like this). If there is any specific situation which I consider important to discuss with your parents, we will work together to create a strategy to communicate it to them.


In short, the idea is that your Coaching sessions become a “space” where you can feel relaxed and trusted, so we can create ways to make you feel better.

Some of the topics I frequently work on in Coaching are: time management, life plans, developing Emotional Intelligence, conflict resolution, decision making, communication skills, conflicts with sexual identity, how to reduce stress and anxiety, etc.


I would love to work with you, regardless of where you live in the world, as I offer online sessions.