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Coaching bridges that gap between where you are now and where you dream to be-


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The purpose of the coaching sessions are to meet your personal goals which will be specifically outlined in the best course of action in your life, professional, career, and/or familiar plan.  We will determine the plan together once we have established what has brought you to ask for coaching, what you would like to work on and what you want to accomplish.  Plans are reviewed once every ten sessions or whenever necessary to address your plans needs.


Coaching is not easily defined in general statements.  It varies depending upon the personalities of the coach and client and particular goals you bring forward.  There are many different methods and modalities I may use to deal with the objectives you want to address.


Some of the benefits you may feel from this sessions are enhanced awareness, emotional understanding of yourself, improvement in your relationships with others, reduction in “conflicts” or “issues” that brought you to look for coaching in the first place, greater ability to think about things clearly and cope with difficult patterns, better overall functioning, greater ability to deal with stress and work through difficulties, improvement in job, school, family and/or social performance, strengthened sense of self and overall sense of well-being.


It will require your hard work, your participation and your commitment to achieve your goal.  Your success is directly dependent upon how much work you put into it.


Our first or two sessions will involve recognizing your overall goal. By the end of these sessions I will be able to offer you some first impressions of what our work will include and we will develop a plan together.