Do you feel blocked. This life is a continuous spiral without end, full of moments of crisis that take you to new cycles or stages of life, where you must make decisions every day. Sometimes it becomes overwhelming to have to keep walking without being clear about the destination, creating with it that you feel blocked, stuck or stagnant; It is like losing the direction of the journey that you had long ago undertaken, a trip called life. You may have fulfilled goals and objectives that you had proposed, or else what previously excited and motivated you is not now; It may be that you must make an important professional decision, which will mark your trajectory from now on and you are totally blocked.

Do you feel blocked

This situation is very frequent and frustrating, because there is nothing worse than uncertainty; and, in general, it is because you are not clear about what you want and that you do not know how to express what you feel. However, the experience with my clients tells me that, in the end, you do know it; You just need to dig a little to get it out.
First of all I want you to know that feeling blocked is a temporary sensation that with a good work of introspection you managed to modify. Give yourself time, little by little you will begin to glimpse what your destiny is and you will create actions aimed at getting there. It is essential to emphasize the importance of developing your emotional intelligence to change your situation. Knowing what you want and what makes you feel just thinking that you will achieve it. To later create your plan with actions to execute.
Here are some ideas of what you can do to stop feeling blocked:



  1. Develop your emotional awareness to clarify what makes you feel at peace and balanced.

For this you must recognize your emotions, the way you experience and express them, how they impact your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, as well as how you recognize the emotions of others.

     2. Understand the relationships between your feelings, thoughts, words and actions.

Become aware and take responsibility for the kind of thoughts you have. Excessive generalization, exaggeration, negativity, false assumptions and intolerance often lead to feeling trapped. Becoming aware of and examining these thoughts will help you act (instead of react) in a more emotionally intelligent way.

    3. Become aware of your goals based on your personal goals.

If you do not set goals, you run the risk of feeling blocked and someday asking yourself: What interesting things have I done in my life? What would I like to have tried? What important things have I achieved? What is the purpose of my life?
But beware, achieving your goals has nothing to do with achieving success. Rather it has to do with learning and living new experiences that you deserve. If you want to feel good, you should work on what you like and also on what will lead you to the life you want, although you may temporarily have to do something that is difficult or not what you had planned.
  1. Organize your time and do what you know is best for you.
Procrastination is like going around in circles, making you feel blocked, with no motivation, and making your everyday problems even more difficult to solve.
But Erika… What is procrastination? There are many definitions but for our purposes, I want to use one used by Francisco Sáez in his article Understanding Procrastination:
“Procrastination occurs, not when you decide to put something off for tomorrow, but when you do it knowing it will be harmful, counterproductive, against yourself. That’s the point of irrationality. Procrastination has a negative effect on our morale, increases our stress and, ultimately, doesn’t make us happier. “
  1. Stay motivated when confronted by obstacles.
Look for sources of inspiration that give you the energy to act, visualize yourself achieving what you want, surround yourself with people who support and inspire you, take care of yourself. Use your experiences as teachings to achieve what you have proposed yourself, look for an “emotional mentor”: A real or fictitious person that we take as an example, inspiration, or model. Yes, here is where I come in as your coach.
  1. Know yourself as intimately as possible
It is time to stop feeling blocked, so it is important to observe yourself very well, be introspective, recognize your strengths, weaknesses, areas of opportunity, your way of communicating with others, the negative thoughts that you repeat, etc. In this way you will take actions aimed at improving yourself.
Through this publication, our coach in Miami explains us and gives us tips to not be blocked in different scenarios of our daily life.
Remember to recognize your emotions and the way you express them, to visualize yourself based on your life mission, to remove bad habits such as negative thoughts or not organizing your time, to create a support group that inspires you, to be persistent, etc. It takes time, do not give up hope and remember that you have two options, remaining blocked or trying to trace your own route to reach where you want to be.