Do you perceive that you do not have a clear direction in your life. Let him throw the first stone, the one who has never doubted the direction he must take to achieve his life purpose, is more, the one who has always been clear about his life purpose, his mission … That’s right, you’re not alone, and that’s to achieve a clear direction of life requires a complex mix of ingredients: maturity, experience, need, attitude, responsibility and independence … I’m sure there were more ingredients out there.

So, how do you start to chart the path to follow? When you come to your first coaching session with me, I will explain the differences between what is therapy (I am a clinical psychologist) and what is coaching (I am also a professional coach); for which I use the following analogy, it is as if we are in a car and you are at the wheel, I am the co-pilot, you decide where to go, what route to take, how many stops to make, who accompanies us, etc. My function is to hold the map, or the GPS; You are the one who takes responsibility for the actions you want to take. Following my example, the first step you should take to clarify the direction of your life, is to review very well the state of your car, you have to be in the best possible state to start your trip, the gasoline that will guarantee you arrive to your goal in this case, or are three aspects: sleep well, eat healthy and exercise. Yes, that simple and basic, to create your direction of life you must take care of yourself, these will be your three priorities.


Do you perceive that you do not have a clear direction in your life


Another important aspect is to create a “philosophical” foundation of your existence, do not be scared, it is not so complex, just reflect and question why you exist, how you want to transcend in this passing of your life, how you want to differentiate yourself from others, which they are your main values ​​on which you base your action: responsibility, compassion, discipline, respect, etc., what you need to do or have in this life, that if you knew that you will soon die, it would be very important; These questions will help you to chart the route to follow.

Now it’s time to prioritize, when reflecting on your existence, you surely realized what is really important to you, and at the same time, you noticed the things that you are currently doing that have no relation to what is fundamental in your existence. I will introduce you with a tool that will help you to organize your ideas, so you can prioritize properly, manage your time and feel that you have the reins of your life: The matrix of Steven Covey, this was created so that you can understand the difference between “the important” and the “urgent”, which is not the same, sometimes what we consider urgent is not important and the important things in our lives we postpone them because they are not urgent. I leave this graph for you to analyze how you are currently using your time:

Percibes que no tienes una dirección clara en tu vida

Observe very well your walk in your life, every activity you do, now think about your “purpose of life” your mission, and list all the things that you do during the day that have no relationship, well all that list, are the things that are making you feel that you do not have a clear direction of your life. Now that you have detected what is “distracting” you from what is important to you. Create an action plan, what will be the first small change that you consider you can make to enlist the sails of your boat to the destination you want?, So you can plan your times in a more efficient way using an agenda, maybe studying something that you will approach your destiny, perhaps renew friendships, or simply reorganize your place of study or work; you are fully responsible for that action plan, so set yourself achievable goals, with which you feel satisfied, and little by little put higher challenges. Remember that you are about to start a very long trip and you need to enjoy the landscape, that trip is called life, and the landscape are the experiences that you have every day, enjoy the process in consciousness and do not forget to congratulate yourself for every little achievement you have.

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