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Hello, my name is Erika Monroy, specializing in Personal, Family, Couple, Teen and, Executive/ Entrepreneurs coachingI am internationally accredited by The International Coaching Federation ICF, as a Professional Certified Coach, PCC.

One day I discovered my mission in life: to accompany people to confront their processes of change and help them create the life they desire.

Whether you are a newcomer your parents have Hispanic roots, your work team is Hispanic, or you live in Latin American country and Spanish is not your first language, I am sure that my workshops, public presentations and coaching services will benefit you.





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 “Redesign yourself to transform your life


Get out of your comfort zone, overcome your fears, learn from yourself, and achieve your life goals.


The art of transforming your way of living learning to organize and manage your time, prioritize, delegate, and balance the daily activities you perform to be productive without stress, using technology to your advantage.


I am a Clinical Psychologist with a Masters in Psycho-Pedagogy. I am internationally accredited by “The International Coaching Federation” ICF, as Professional Certified Coach, PCC.

My mission is to accompany people during their change process to create the life they want.

I focus on teenagers, executives, entrepreneurs, families, couples and anyone else who is interested in promoting their emotional well-being. 



Family & Couple






Public and Private Presentations. 

Hispanic Approach

I am continually designing programs with the objective of giving tools to the participants to increase their Emotional Intelligence. The way I expose is through public and private presentations, whether in workshop format, talk or conference; in person, here in Miami or different countries of the world or online using virtual classrooms.

These presentations are distinguished because most of the participants are bilingual. Multiculturalism, increases the possibility of learning and decision making, based on my extensive experience, adapting to a new country increases the capacity of creative and critical thinking, tolerance to frustration, make decisions, and be persistence.

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 I cover various topics, some examples are time management, assertive communication strategies, conflict resolution, life and career plan, how to make decisions properly, stress and anxiety management, emotional intelligence, how to create positive thinking to increase productivity, reengineering personal, among many more.


Contact me to know and evaluate your needs. I will propose the program that best suits the needs of your company, business, educational institution, organization, group of colleagues, etc.


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Upcoming Events


I am continuously offering public presentations, courses for teenagers and workshops to develop your Socio-Emotional skills through the increase of Emotional Intelligence.  Almost all my public presentations, radio and television programs I do in Spanish, except the Summer Workshop for Teens. 

If you are interested in attending any of my events, I invite you to visit my Event Calendar.   



The PAINTING EMOTIONS ™ by AKIN Body Painting Experiential Workshop is an interactive way for you to contact your basic emotions and strengthen your interpersonal grown, the relationships with those you love and develop your Emotional Intelligence. Using body painting as the main technique to achieve it.

Make the change that your life needs.

These and many other difficulties are very common in our society, and in our way of life. As people, we find many obstacles to overcome in our day to day, to confront and overcome them is a challenge and therefore, I offer you the opportunity to discover that leader we all have inside.

Do you feel blocked?

his situation is very frequent and frustrating, because there is nothing worse than uncertainty; And, in general, it’s because you are not clear of what you want and you do not know how to express what you feel. However, the experience with my clients tells me that, deep down, you do know; You just need to dig a little to get it out into the light. 

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Relationship problems?

The coexistence with another person is certainly complex, when I was studying psychology, and many yesterdays ago, my teacher of family therapy and couple and I,  made the metaphor that couples are like a dance, where there is constant communication, remoteness and closeness, but Always a contact… and it’s that we have been made to believe that relationships are like a fairy tale with a happy ending.


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Missing a clear direction in your life?

Let the first stone cast the one that has never doubted the direction that it must take to achieve its purpose of life, indeed, which has always been clear it purpose of life, it mission… That’s it, you are not alone, and it’s because, in order to achieve a clear direction in life requires a complex mix of ingredients: maturity, experience, need, attitude, responsibility and independence… I’m sure I missed more ingredients.


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Looking for a professional change or a career rebuilding?

You are looking for a professional change or to redirect your career. Continually working with teenagers, giving them coaching on how to create their career plan based on their life plan, that is a subject that requires a lot of attention, it’s a life decision, something that will identify you in your future, and at the same time it’s so incongruous having to make that decision at such an early age.


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Do you need to increase your selfsteem and have more self confidence?

There is a branch of psychology, which is called evolutionary psychology, that has always interested me because it studies the human in a very interesting way; Explaining that life is like an endless spiral, and that to move from one cycle to another, there must be a “crisis”, a deep questioning, who am I?, where do I want to go? How much am I worth? 

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¿Want to improve your family or laboral relationships but dont know how?

To accompany you to find the answer on how to improve your family relationships or work, first I will ask you a key question, why do you want to improve your relationships? Listen very well your reasons, because that will be the main reason for you to start a change in the way you interact, communicate, express your emotions, negotiate, listen, in short… your way of living with them.


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Don’t wait any longer!

The time has come to grab the reins of your life from the hand of a professional, who will listen to you and help you to take those firm steps in your path.

As life goes by, you face numerous difficulties, fears and mistimes.

Sometimes you just can’t treat it, because it’s too easy to get caught up in the same perspectives and strategies that are not satisfying or producing in our lives the results we want.

When the choices we make become ineffective, life becomes a struggle and we realize that we don’t get our potential out. Coaching can be a great and shameless tool to improve and to continue improving your day to day life.

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