Family/Couple Coaching

When we decide to form a family we are starting a journey that will take us to a series of stages, “life cycles.” Being part of a family entails a constant transformation, with diverse challenges to the step of each cycle.

Before starting our coaching sessions I will send you the coaching agreement that you should read carefully and bring signed at your first session. Since you are sure you understood all the details, we will agree on a day schedule to find a way of seeing each other, either in-person or online.

Family Coaching

From the formation of the couple, when we “expand” with the birth of the children, the stage of lactation until they enter the school, the cycle known as “consolidation” is when the family has school children until they are teenagers; When the children leave home and the couple must be readjusted to their new reality, until the “dissolution” happens, as a cause of becoming elderly or the death of one of the spouses. Family Coaching is a method that will allow you to create strategies to recognize yourself as an individual in each of these stages, because self-knowledge is essential so that you can improve the relationships within your family that will take you to a Collective well-being.

Why start a family/couple coaching process?

In our sessions we will focus on the capacities and potentials that your family has, from them, we will build new ways to improve your communication, to coexist healthily as each member is conscious and responsible in creating changes that strengthen individual relationships.

A positive part of family coaching is that this methodology puts its attention on the present to create a future potential. In other words, family coaching focuses on the search for solutions and not on the analysis of the past. Instead of observing conflicts as a limiting problem, you will be able to change your beliefs and transform these barriers into an opportunity to rebuild those bonds together.

No matter what “family cycle” you encounter, in family coaching, you will increase your skills, values, beliefs and self-esteem in order to establish a better relationship with the people you love the most in this life.


Some of the topics that I commonly work that benefit families are:


How to develop emotional intelligence or Mindfulness to better express emotions and create healthy bonds.


Develop communication skills among family members


Learn ways to look for different ways to solve problems in everyday discipline situations in an effective way.


How to organize the responsibilities and obligations of each family member.


Make an individual life plan linked to the family, covering different areas to achieve a healthy balance. Some of the areas we work with are: financial, spiritual, professional/study, cultural, social and health.

When families start Coaching with me, either in my office in Miami or virtually anywhere in the world, I accompany them in one of the areas that I love the most, psycho-family education, so I am passionate that I have more than 25 years working constantly With families, forming responsible and informed parents.

How long does your family coaching process last?

The sessions can last between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the goal to be reached. They are usually once a week, however, as we work we agree whether it is necessary to see each other more frequently or to distance one session from another.

In the first sessions the main purpose is to define the “goal” to reach, in which all the members must agree; To later work on the basis of 10 to 12 sessions. We will continually be evaluating whether the family members through action plans, which we agreed in session, feel that they are achieving their goal.

It is important to mention that in coaching the family is responsible for choosing the route to follow, my role as your coach will be “to accompany” you in the process, respecting your pace, action plans; As well as offering you tools that can speed up changes.


Before agreeing on the day and schedule, we will contact you briefly about your objective, during that conversation I will confirm if I am the right person to accompany you in your process, otherwise I will refer you to a colleague I consider is the best choice for you. Later I will send the “Coaching agreement” where I explain in detail the way we work, how our communication between session and session will be, and the prices of my services; Any questions or comments will be resolved as soon as possible; We will then coordinate day and time to start our first session.

For me it will be very pleasant to accompany you in the creation of new guidelines that will lead you to strengthen the ties with your family. Undoubtedly, our society is in need of healthy families with solid bonds that allow couples and new generations to be emotionally healthy to be successful within the complexity we are facing.

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