Personal Coaching

First of all I want to thank you for showing interest and congratulate you for finding information on ways to feel better, achieve your goals, grow personally. No matter the reason, what matters is that you are interested in starting a path to know you more. Congratulations!

What is Coaching?

I want to explain to you what our coachee/client and coach relationship will be based on:


Before starting our coaching sessions I will send you the coaching agreement that you should read carefully and bring signed at your first session. When you are sure you understand all the details, we will agree on a day schedule to find a way of seeing each other, either in-person or online.


Coaching is not psychological therapy, you are not my patient, nor are you sick, I am not a doctor, I am a psychologist, educator but also professional coach internationally certified, and what we are going to do is coaching, therefore you will be my client, you are a person, you are well and you want to be better creating new tools to achieve it.


You are the one who decides the way to continue, based on your overall goal of Coaching. I will accompany you in your process, to explain it better use the following analogy: it’s like we go together in a car, you drive and I’ll hold the map. You decide the route to follow and I give you tools to achieve it, by means of different material either audio, videos, readings, dynamics, etc. And if I see you derail your goal I remember the route you had plotted, if necessary we can reformulate your goal as it is your wish.


Our Coaching agreement is 12 sessions, approximately in session 10 we will make an assessment to see if we have achieved your overall goal. If you feel that you have achieved the goal for what you came for before the 12 sessions, we can finish. Sometimes, after some time people tend to realize that there are other areas that they want to improve, then, we can make an agreement and create a new goal of Coaching.


You are in charge of your progress, in each session, except for the first or second session where we define your goal, you decide what you want to make out of your sessions, that session objective must be linked to your overall goal. In each session together we will create action plans for you to execute.

Goals you achieve when starting Personal Coaching

After having more than 25 years of experience as a clinical psychologist and a master’s degree in psycho-pedagogy, I decided to explore the world of Coaching, I met with the professional coach program, and then I got internationally certified with the International coach Federation “(ICF)”.  It has been a long and highly enriching path both professionally and personally.

Professional Coaching unlike Life coaching focuses on supporting entrepreneurs and people who want to create an improvement in their organizational and familiar climate, as well as creating a career plan that will lead to being in the place they want Professionally and a personal life plan that gives them security and balance; We also work on aspects such as increasing strategies for assertive communication, proper expression of emotions, conflict resolution, decision making, time management, stress management, etc.

My role as your Coach


Create confidence so that you feel safe to speak what you want without being judged or qualified.


You will feel my constant effort to support you to develop and grow personally in search of your goal.


I am committed to keep the confidentiality, our Coaching agreement supports my commitment by written.


If you want, we can do our sessions online or by phone, both can become as effective as if done in person.


I will create a climate where we both are motivated to reach our goal, as well as, constantly send you material that can help you achieve it.

It will be an honor for me, to accompany you in your growth process.



Phone Number

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9922 NW 47 terrace, Doral, Florida

Legal Disclaimer Notice The information contained within Erika Monroy’s web site is not a substitute for professional advice, coaching sessions, classes, or workshops from Erika Monroy.