Working with Erika was realizing that we oneself is the driver of his life. That life is a pizza where each slice corresponds to an area, some larger other smaller but we have to keep a balance. There is no perfect family but families that despite the imperfections can be happy, based on trust, honesty and love. Understanding that, what one expects from their children is not what they expect from life and as parents we have to respect them, guide them and support them.

I learned that being perfect is not healthy, sometimes you have to say no, sometimes you have to go through the hardest way, accept that not everybody accepts you for your ideas, learn to not care what they say. Because happiness is who you want to be and not what society wants you to be.


As a family we had a very deep accompaniment with Erika, as I married 4 years ago after almost 10 years of divorce in Mexico, we came to live in Miami, my new husband got cancer, I got pregnant… and my two daughters of 13 and 14 years lived many changes… That led me to realize the need for support to create a reconstituted family model, appropriate for life in Miami, since my style was not according to the American-Hispanic way of life.

Thanks to the support of Erika I fortified as a mother, now in my house there is order and clarity, and my daughters feel supported, loved and clearer…


Trying to find help for the difficult task of parenting a teenager at a time of divorce, we found Erika. This lady charged with positivism, dedication and love for what she does, not only has helped us, as a great professional nourished by a great investigative spirit, she also has served as a mother, wife and a wonderful human being.

Thank you Erika, for working with us.



I am very grateful for your work with me and the so personal and warm way you have to help me see the path I am travelling. Your passion for what you do is genuine and it creates a safe and effective environment that produces a desire to grow and continue advancing in the struggle that only oneself can face. You provide the tools and guide me in this personal battle and you do it with a lot of professionalism and certainty to achieve the goals that were not so clear when we start our journey.

Thank you very much and keep driving while we decipher the navigation map that is still expanding!




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