Experience through Body Painting. The PAINTING EMOTIONS ™ Living Studio by AKIN Body Painting – Erika Monroy, is an interactive way for you to contact your basic emotions and strengthen your interpersonal development and your relationships with those you love, using body painting as the main technique to achieve it.


Experience through Body Painting


After reflecting on the importance of creating preventive programs to increase Mental Health and observe the increase of social pathologies that disable human beings to express congruently their feelings and thoughts, with their saying and acting; as well as the lack of containment spaces that are attainable and unthreatening by the population in general, regardless of gender, social level and / or race; for that reason, Erika Monroy took on the task of creating and developing this new Experiential Workshop.


In the next video “Painting emotions” I share the importance of letting imagination and creativity fly to achieve your goals. Release those loads that you have accumulating in your backpack daily and allow yourself to give a gesture to your life to face your way.