Do you want your child to recognize their emotions to express them better?

Do you notice that your child is frequently frustrated because he does not know how to tell you what he feels?

Would you like your child to learn to develop healthy and functional interpersonal relationships?

Summer camp in Doral



The SUPER HEROE summer campis aimed at children between 7 and 12 years old. Erika Monroy, created by emphasizing that it is very dynamic and fun, the main objective is for participants to identify their own emotions and also to learn to identify the emotions that are experiencing the rest through the use and development of empathy and compassion. Basic concepts of Emotional Intelligence will be reviewed as self-regulation, assertive communication, the importance in being consistent between what I think, feel, say and act, the proper way to channel emotions in such a way as to strengthen their interpersonal relationships, etc.

Development of communication skills. Positive thinking
Positive thinking. Recognize ways to manage stress
Development of listening skills to build and maintain empathy. Self-regulation useful for managing anger and anxiety.
Achieve the resolution of conflicts in a healthy way through Emotional Intelligence. Personal alert based on the expansion of socio-emotional skills.
Recognition and expression of feelings. Understand the importance of developing the attitude of social collaboration through emotional intelligence.
Recognize ways to achieve resilience in a crisis situation.

Our Summer Camp has limited places. Do you want your child to be educated through the values of emotional intelligence? Book your place online … 1 very special and very interesting week … Click HERE to formalize your place.

Receive my most cordial greeting.

Erika Monroy