You have the impression of having a latent potential but you can not develop it. Well, it’s time to put your potential to work, first of all take a moment to reflect on your qualities, your skills, your strengths; Think of your hobbies, your passions, the successes you’ve had.

Of course you realize what you’re good at. true? So what’s happening that you can not take off? The cause can be due to several factors, first things first, and as I say if we do not have fuel we will not get anywhere, tell me how you are sleeping, eating and if you exercise. These three factors will be the start and from now on your priorities.


You have the impression of having a latent potential but you can not develop it


Now tell me how do you organize your time? and is that the theme of time management has a direct correlation with self-esteem and self-esteem with self-motivation to achievement; Do you realize how everything is linked? In my job as a Coach for entrepreneurs and senior executives, the time we spend planning, creating a strategy, is much greater than what the action itself requires, that is, giving you the proper time to plan before doing it is very important. Create a structure of what you want to achieve, look for very specific objectives, when the scribes consider that this goal should be so descriptive that it answers the questions: what, where, who, how, when (date and time); If your goal is not clear to you and others, it will be very difficult for you to create an executable action plan and therefore stay alone in the attempt.

Since you have your goals, it is time to prioritize, which of them is the most important, what if not done your plan will be at risk. Try not to do everything at once, as my grandfather used to say: “slowly I’m in a hurry”, for now just focus on the goal with the highest priority, create a list of all the steps you need to execute, the precise actions you must do to achieve it, put a date to each of them, and if possible, delegate as much as you can, so you can concentrate on what is now a priority so that you develop that potential that you have inside.

It is important that you learn to self-describe yourself, write briefly who you are, what your talents, skills, abilities, aptitudes, etc. are. and how they are related to your goals. This exercise will help you clarify and define that potential that until now was latent.

There are certain basic aspects to achieve your potential, such as persistence, organization, leadership, flexibility, tolerance, listening, communication, etc. so that you increase each one of these aspects, it is important that you study, I always tell my clients in the coaching sessions, be it adolescent, senior executive, parents or teachers; Do you want to make a change in your life? Grow personally? Study Fortunately, finding information after a brief search is almost immediate, from audios, videos, tutorials, books, articles, etc. So you have no excuses, it blocks a time for you to sit down and study how to develop those aspects that you know you do not have yet and that you need to succeed.

Be realistic, remember that before investing and launching to do something, you must create a skeleton of the steps, times and costs to which you will be taxed. Advise yourself so that you can develop your potential; think that your talent requires other talents, make a good team, diversified and share the same vision and mission that you have.

Question, the social impact that it will have if you manage to develop that potential you have, how it will serve others, many times to visualize how you will impact your community, the legacy you can leave in others, the help you can provide, It gives a feeling of security because you know that your effort, perseverance, study, will have a greater impact.

My greatest wish as your Certified Professional Coach is to help you develop that talent you have, to support you to develop your full potential, be the leader of your own life and inspire others to achieve it as well.

Our society needs people like you, capable of developing their potential to the fullest!