You need support for your personal growth and to find meaning in your life. The basic ingredient to grow personally and find meaning in your life is to get to know you, that is, self-knowledge is the key, and to achieve this you need to give yourself quality time. The accompanists of self-knowledge are, introspection, self-esteem, self-control, developing your emotional intelligence: recognizing what you feel, how you express it and the type of thoughts that you constantly create that prevent you or help you reach your goals.


 You need support for your personal growth and find meaning in your life


In coaching we base ourselves on action plans that you will define yourself, which are created according to how you visualize yourself, we start from “here forwards”, do not waste time in reviewing what is in your past, unless you require “Let go” or forgive to continue moving forward. If you want to grow personally it is very important that you visualize yourself, where you want to go, what route you want to take, what are your strong and weak areas, why you have set those goals, how do you think you can achieve them, etc. In other words, make your Personal Life Plan, based on the capacities you see in you today.


Finding the meaning of your life is based on being clear about your life purpose, how you want to be remembered, the questions I commonly ask my clients are: “If you knew that you will die soon, what would you like them to say about you? in the farewell mass? How do you want to differentiate yourself from others? In what way do you want to transcend? What makes you different from others? Try to describe your mission in your life. ” Some people have a hard time defining their mission, this could be because they demand more, and they think they should do something “extraordinary” to make their life meaningful, start with something basic, for example my life mission is to create smiles, something as basic as that, from saying a joke, to accompanying my clients to recognize their skills to reach the success that makes them happy. Sometimes, it helps a lot to know your emotional needs, maybe to teach another person your purpose, take care of someone, invent something, what do I know! The idea is that you think what makes you feel satisfied, calm and that in doing so you positively impact other people … that which gives purpose to your life.


Give yourself quality time to reflect, the day to day leads us to have very fast routines filling our time with monotonous activities and being under constant pressure that leads to high levels of stress. Be very selective in the way you use your time, with the people you socialize, that are people who join you and not that they subtract you. Block a moment for you every day, it can be only 10 minutes, breathe and concentrate on yourself, constantly remind yourself what you are doing, and do not forget to enjoy the process in search of your life mission.


Study, to grow personally you need to know techniques that will bring you closer to finding your sense of life, read books about the topics that interest you, take workshops, listen to tutorials, if you can, give yourself the gift of entering a personal coaching process. Remember that you are in a constant evolution, and that what served you before is transformed as you grow, so being updated is necessary to strengthen and not lose you.


Do internal and external cleaning, organize your spaces to clear your path … as you are organizing yourself interiorly questioning what is your life purpose, also review, your habits and way of living, organize everything that you consider makes you lose your focus, from your clothes, even your eating habits, your sleep hours, your cleanliness and where you work and live; The more organized you are, the easier it will be to focus on what really matters in your life. Create a new routine and write it down, organize your time in such a way that you achieve a balance in your life.


Remember that we never finish growing personally because we are constantly changing, going through different facets of our lives, from being children, to friends, to being a couple, parents, employees, bosses, grandparents, widowers, etc. The intention is that you grow enough so that you understand that one of the secrets of this life is to be flexible and not lose the life mission that we have drawn at the same time we are enjoying this path called life.