You seek a professional change or redirect your career. I continuously work with teenagers, giving them coaching on how to create their career plan based on their life plan, and that is a subject that requires a lot of attention, it is a life decision, something that will identify you in your future, and at the same time It is so incongruous to have to make that decision at such a young age. Do you remember when you decided what to study ?, Maybe you were one of the lucky ones who had a clear notion of what you were passionate about, or maybe you were doubtful among several options, or they did the famous “vocational exams” and you did very well in two areas that had nothing to do with each other, as marine biologist and lawyer, in short, we have all been at that moment, a moment of decision making. And now you are living moments where you do not feel “comfortable” with what you do, it seems a great burden to get up every day and go to work or study something that no longer interests you, you do not feel that you are giving added value to your life, it is more, you feel that you are losing that spark that keeps you motivated; Maybe you have had to re-question where you are heading your next professional steps, either because they cut the staff in your company or you are at retirement age; you have changed residence, etc.


You seek a professional change or redirect your career


No matter the age, gender or reason, the important thing now is that you are looking for a professional change, or redirect your career, know what to do to make the best decision, and create action plans congruent to what you want.

I’m going to introduce you with an invention I made to help young people create their career plan, La Pizza de la Vida, “I called it that way to capture the attention of my teenage clients, but no matter how old you are, the idea is that you imagine your life divided into several areas (the slices) each area has different objectives that you want to fulfill, are 7 areas: spiritual, health, family, entertainment, social, finance and career and / or profession. The goal is that you achieve a balance in your day to day and that your career or profession is only part of a whole. Each activity that you perform in your pizza of life must be congruent to your aspirations, your dreams, your purpose, your mission.

A basic ingredient to start your decision is self-knowledge, you must know very well what you are passionate about, what bores you, what interests you, imagine that you have to do something for many hours and without being paid, what would it be? The idea is that you detect your “passion” that causes you an intense emotion that excites you and you want to do, for now, do not worry about the money you can get for doing that, just focus on knowing more about you.

Take time to analyze, make a column listing what you recognize in you as abilities, your strengths; another column with your weaknesses, that no matter how hard you try, you do not care or like it; and a third column that we will call “areas of opportunity”, the one that you know that with study, persistence, attention and focus you can transform it into another strength. If you want, ask for feedback from people who know you, maybe they see skills that you have not noticed.

Now think about all the options you have regarding what you are passionate about, think about your strengths and areas of opportunity, do a search of the professions, studies, specialties, certifications, etc. that are associated with your passion. Visualize yourself in each of the options, think of the place where you would do it, the hours you should require to do it, the growth opportunities you have, consider the projects you have with your family, your health, your financial goals, the freedom that you will have recreation. An important aspect for this decision is that you are clear on your priorities. In this moment of your life, what has a higher priority? Maybe you spend time with your family raising your children who are still young, or maybe you want to travel the world before joining the working world, or what you want is to be quiet at home and enjoy your partner. Do not get involved in a series of responsibilities that will lead you to lose focus on what really matters to you.

In English there is a term that I like very much is think “out of the box” that is, think outside the box, be creative, look for several routes that will take you to the same destination. Put approximate dates, give financial advice to be ready, diversify, take stock, give yourself permission to try several times, and above all enjoy the process; It is the way you get closer and closer to what is your reason for existing, your passion.